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Cyber Intelligence and Investigations

Professional spies in the service of nation states, businesses, organized crime and terrorist organizations target and steal secret information from the public and private sectors to use and sell. Traditional foreign espionage efforts attack the heart of national security and any country’s well-being. Non-traditional espionage efforts attack the competitiveness and prosperity of our businesses. When you add the recent increases in cyber intelligence collection efforts, the threat has risen to unprecedented levels and triggered numerous warnings from experts around the globe. To put this threat in perspective, in the 2008 Top Ten Cyber Security Menaces by the SANS Institute, cyber espionage ranked number three. In order to counter this threat, you need to understand Cyber Intelligence and counter cyber intelligence.

Cyber Intelligence (CI) is defined as the efforts made by intelligence organizations to prevent adversaries or enemy intelligence organizations from gathering and collecting sensitive information or intelligence about them. Many governments create Cyber Intelligence organizations separate and distinct from their intelligence collection counterparts.

Counter Cyber Intelligence (CCI) is defined as all efforts made by one intelligence organization to prevent adversaries, enemy intelligence organizations or criminal organizations from gathering and collecting sensitive digital information or intelligence about them via computers, networks and associated equipment. CCI are measures to identify, penetrate, or neutralize computer operations that use cyber weapons as a means and mechanism to collect information.

If you are online you are a target, but with the relevant business intelligence you can prepare to address threats as they arise and respond to them effectively. This is why we created the Cyber Intelligence Centre.

With 24x7 coverage, we monitor and assess the threats specific to your organisation, enabling you to swiftly and effectively mitigate risk and strengthen your cyber resilience.

Going beyond the technical feeds, our professionals are able to contextualise the relevant threats, helping determine the risk to your business, your customers and your stakeholders. When we analyse a threat to our client organization or individual we gather information about that threat through OSINT and other covert intelligence gathering techniques. We try to identify real identy behind the threat and deliver a detailed report with all the proofs and evidence. We use the following approach:

>> Understand the clinet requirements

>> Identification of Threats

>> Analysis of Threats

>> Identify the Real Identity Behind a Threat

>> Intelligence Gatherin Using OSINT and Covert Offensive Techniques

>> Collecting Proofs and Evidence

>> Detailed Reporting

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